Set goals, make plans, solve problems and reach your goals

Martyn Carruthers & Kosjenka Muk


We help people dissolve emotional problems and reach relationship goals. We help people resolve conflicts, anxiety, low self-esteem, self-sabotage, immaturity, eating disorders, sleep problems, procrastination, perfectionism, self-criticism … and more


Are you going through a difficult life period?

Do you struggle with inner conflicts or difficult decisions?

Do you suffer from sleeping or eating disorders?

Have you lost someone and you cannot seem to move on?

Do you suffer complicated relationships with a parent, a child or partner?

Do you feel exhausted and you don’t know why?

Do you have nightmares or repetitive dreams and you want to change this?

Do you have a child with learning disorders and you seek ways to help resolve this?

Managing difficult emotions and solving relationship issues are essential steps for healthy lives.


What our clients said:

You helped me change a boring life that my parents had so tediously planned, into an exciting life that is rich and full and deepHawaii

You focused on our values, goals and on what excites us. … your work became an important step on our life journey. You didn’t try to do things to us … you helped us choose our options. We enjoyed working with you. Sydney

My wife bought me some of your Soulwork counseling as a present. I was cynical and cautious at first, but it’s GREAT! Essex

You didn’t tell us what we wanted to hear, you told us what we needed to hear! Your honest provocation won our respect and our trust! Australia

A LOT of your articles appeal to me. Emotional Incest, Passive-Aggressive, Little Prince, Ho’oponopono, Men and Mothers, Identification, Entity Possession and more. I couldn’t believe all this in one place! Oregon

I got from the first session a load of information that went even
beyond my high expectations. And it produces more, by using.
After my coaching with you, I felt HAPPY. 
New York


How do we do this?

Our coaching and counseling is fast and focused to help you discover the roots of issues and take steps to resolve them.

We are respectful: we help you find your own wisdom, instead of trying to push you or use manipulative methods.

We focus on permanently resolving the causes of your issues, instead of temporarily relieving the symptoms.

We help you find your own inner strength and resources, instead of trying to decide for you and making you dependent.

We inquire about your family dynamics and family “politics” instead of treating your problems as your individual issues.

We we help you heal and integrate your issues to provide motivation and resources, instead of trying to “get rid” of unpleasant emotions.


Will you take steps to improve your life?
Or do you just wait for other people and circumstances to change?

Single sessions: US $95 / session (about one hour)
Packages: US $395 / 5 sessions

We may chat with you for a few minutes by Skype free of charge.

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