Lessons of Life

This is a “Lessons of Life” series of articles written by Kosjenka Muk.

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Kosjenka manage Centar Angel, in Croatia, where she coach individuals and counsel couples, and where we teach workshops on self-esteem, happy partnership, verbal self-defense and other topics.

She wrote three books, the last one is available as an e-book as well. Both paperback and e-book are accessible via Amazon.

‘Emotional Maturity In Everyday Life’

written by: Kosjenka Muk

Do you sometimes sabotage your goals or your relationships? Do emotions overwhelm you from time to time, generating confusion or regret? Do you repeat behaviors that you know are not wise? Or perhaps you simply feel that something is missing, causing your life to lack a sense of direction or purpose.

This book can help you recognize and resolve emotions and relationships that hold you back. It guides you to make friends with yourself – and with various parts of yourself that you may dislike. It can help you create a personality worth admiring and a life worth living. Consider it as a gift to people you care about!

The book includes some of the articles published on this web site, as well as additional articles and many practical exercises.

Paperback edition: order here

Electronic edition: order here